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Raquel Black

I’m so happy with their service and will continue to use them so I can have that peace of mind

Since I have started services with Human Resources, Inc. I have had such peace of mind knowing that they are there to take care of my payroll and all that comes with knowing how to handle different situations with employees. Lisa gave me step by step guidance when I started with the company and it helped me understand the ins and outs of payroll and all that tax stuff they handle for me. She even did some tax work that lowered our Florida unemployment rate which resulted in a substantial savings.

They are always there for any questions I have and even handling some uneasy situations with some employees. I’m so happy with their service and will continue to use them so I can have that peace of mind.

Rachel McGee-Powledge

HRI is one of the best companies you will ever work with

HRI has saved us so much time by freeing us up to do what we are experts doing. They are the experts at taking care of all of your payroll needs, including Workman’s Comp, and the audits that go with them, timely payroll tax deposits and implementing benefits. Making the switch was a breeze with HRI. They went above and beyond to help us end the payroll services correctly and even helped complete and reconcile our last workman’s comp audit. Managing time for our employees is so simple. By using their time tracking system submitting payroll takes about 15 minutes.

The team members at HRI are personal, friendly and very knowledgeable making their customer service top-notch! HRI is one of the best companies you will ever work with.

Maribeth Wetzel

The HRI Team Is Truly Excellent To Work With And Very Accommodating

We currently utilize Human Resources, Inc. to manage the payroll services of our law offices in Florida and could not be happier with the work they have done. Prior to working with HR Inc., we were doing the payroll ourselves and had the additional responsibility of handling the quarterly and annual tax reporting that comes with payroll services. Being attorneys, we spend a sizable amount of time in court or meeting with clients and managing the day-to-day administrative functions in addition to state and federal compliance was becoming quite burdensome. Not only is HR Inc.’s solutions cost effective, we truly appreciate the attentiveness and personal service that they provide.

I remember a time when my business partner and I were both attending a training event and forgot to approve the payroll. We were on a plane and didn’t land until 10pm. Luckily, we were able to complete the process via telephone from our remote location. What a convenience! Moving forward, we are considering partnering with HR Inc. again to implement a 401(k) retirement plan for our office.

The entire HRI team are truly excellent to work with, very accommodating, and even check up with us regularly to see if we need anything. Their exceptional responsiveness to any issues we have had provides peace of mind and allows us to focus on our firm and our clients.