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About Human Resources Inc.

The HR Review is intended to assist companies in identifying areas of human resource compliance in need of further attention.

The HR Review includes, but is not limited to, a top-level analysis of the following areas:

  • Form I-9 compliance (requirement to work in the US)
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (overtime, travel time, minimum wage)
  • Payroll Tax Deposits and Returns
  • Independent Contractor vs. Employee
  • New Hire Reporting
  • State Unemployment Tax Rate (rate computation and claims management)
  • Workers’ Compensation Experience Modification Factor
  • 401(k) (discrimination testing and Form 5500 filing)

The HR Review is intended to indentify areas of potential non-compliance, but is not intended to be a complete review of any area or topic. There is no guarantee that all potential problems will be identified. The HR Review may be performed with or without the assistance of legal counsel. If the employer desires to utilize the assistance of an attorney, the employer is responsible for any legal fees.

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