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How a payroll partner treats you and your company is equally important to the services they provide.

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Benefits of a Payroll Processing Partner

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Proper payment and compliance with regulations that relate to payroll are two of the most important internal functions your company will perform. While many see these tasks as merely cutting and handing out checks, there are bevy of laws and controls that need to be followed. Some business owners find this out the hard way through audits and fines by tax agencies on the state and federal level.

Many businesses would benefit from partnering up with a payroll processing company to handle their payroll due to the lesser known responsibilities, such as:

  • Filing 940, 941, 1099, unemployment, state tax, and more
  • Calculating annual compensation and new healthcare cost requirements on W2s
  • Liens and garnishments
  • Overtime, bonus, and commissions calculations
  • New I-9 and e-Verify obligations
  • Direct deposit
  • Vacation, sick, and personal time accruals
  • 401(k) and other deductions

Comparing payroll companies

Depending on the size of your organization, businesses reach out to PEOs such as Human Resources, Inc. or other payroll providers such as Paychex, ADP, Ceridian, and Intuit. When people research Paychex customer reviews or try to compare Paychex vs. ADP, they will find that they are reputable, but may lack the hands-on approach and personal touch that PEOs offer. It helps when your payroll provider understands your business and knows you by name, rather than an assigned code number.

Human Resources, Inc. can work with you in ways others cannot

Our personal approach is just one of the ways in which we go the extra mile to work with businesses throughout the country. Payroll is one of the many aspects of running a successful company that we undertake and our clients are welcome to contact us with questions related to human resources compliance, health insurance regulations, workers compensation, and more. Many payroll companies would never allow this. Our specialists are here to help you.

Speak with one of our payroll experts today and see for yourself the difference our personal approach will make for you.

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