Instituting meaningful employee review processes to provide the type of feedback that employees and managers need to build stronger teams and set goals.

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Employee Evaluation Training

Training: Evaluation Best Practices

Understanding performance appraisals

All employees should be held accountable for their own performance. Additionally, identifying areas of improvement and highlighting achievement will increase productivity and employee retention. People like to know where they stand. Instituting meaningful employee review periods provides the type of feedback that employees and managers need to build stronger teams and set goals. The instructors at Human Resources, Inc. will tailor a course that best fits your company.

Documenting and the employee review

Taking notes during a review is only a small percentage of what needs to be done to properly deliver an evaluation. Do you know what you need to record to effectively conduct a performance appraisal or what ongoing documentation needs to be done leading up to one? Our course covers the following types of documentation:

  • Tips for ongoing feedback
  • The difference between coaching and counseling
  • The difference between direction and correction
  • How to document regularly and systematically
  • Keeping attendance records
  • Management notes
  • Written and verbal warnings
  • Incident reporting
  • What type of language to use in your reports

Making employee appraisals meaningful

In our course, we also focus on constructing the best strategies in your appraisal process. What is the most important data to collect throughout the year? What tools should you use to measure performance? From whom should you collect observations? After meeting with an employee, what is the best development plan to use, going forward – e.g. performance improvement, professional development, or personal growth? Are you prepared to handle a situation where an employee reacts negatively towards their performance evaluation? All of these questions and more will be addressed in our Evaluation Best Practices. We can work with managers or human resources departments or both.

To inquire about training for successful performance appraisals, contact Human Resources, Inc. to set up a class.

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