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Health Insurance Management

Better health plan administration through Human Resources, Inc.

Managing your health plan is a huge responsibility. Between finding a good plan for an attractive price, enrolling employees, explaining how it works, and making sure you’re not being charged for people that have left your company, it’s enough to give any business a migraine. Human Resources, Inc. can manage all health insurance administration duties, saving you both time and money. There are a number of different insurance plans that we offer, such as: Medical, Dental, Vision, Supplemental Insurance, Short/Long-Term Disability, Cancer Coverage, and Life Insurance to name a few. To best serve your company, we will:

  • Make vendors compete for your business
  • Negotiate preferred pricing
  • Structure your health plan(s) in a way that best fits your needs
  • Orientate employees to all the plan features
  • Make sure employees have an enrollment opportunity for the applicable plans
  • Assist employees with their claims
  • Add and remove employees from the plans as needed
  • Coordinate with payroll for employee premium deductions
  • Check vendor invoices for accuracy
  • Maintain HIPAA and ERISA compliance
  • Track and administrate COBRA premium payments

You don’t have to only pick one health plan either. We can work with insurance providers to offer several tiers of coverage that extend benefits out-of-network.

We take care of everything!

Your only responsibilities are to figure out the cost share between your company and the employees for each plan and to keep us informed if there are any new hires, terminations, or life qualifying events – such as the birth of a child. While smaller employers are required by insurance carriers to have a certain level of participation in order to be eligible for coverage, some of our plans such as dental, vision, and health indemnity have no participation requirements. This results in lower premiums that can be much more affordable.

Let the professionals at Human Resources, Inc. manage your health plans

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