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Spend more time running your company! Leave the HR to our certified and degreed human resource professionals. Understanding and implementing ever changing labor laws and regulations can be a daunting task. In fact, from 1980-2000, U.S. employment laws grew by 60%. It is more important now than ever to have someone in your corner that is a true specialist in human resources outsourcing.

How our HR Consultants work with and protect your business:

Human Resources, Inc. – Our 3-Part Promise


  • Ensuring proper record retention policies are in place
  • Advising proper execution of new hire paperwork, such as W4 and I-9
  • Guidance with federal and state regulations, such as ADA, ADEA, EEO, FLSA, & FMLA
  • Reviewing your Employee Handbooks or providing a Handbook
  • Purchasing up-to-date labor posters and distributing them correctly
  • Applying new Healthcare Reform laws to your current procedures


  • Guidance in correctly advising and categorizing Exempt vs. Non-exempt employees
  • Advising managers how to properly interviewer candidates
  • Developing appropriate job descriptions
  • Participating in unemployment hearings on your behalf
  • Tracking vacation, sick leave, and paid time off (PTO)


  • Administering background checks
  • Drug & Alcohol testing and policy implementation
  • Managing unemployment claims
  • Implementing best practices through group/individual sessions or webinars
    • Best hiring guidelines
    • Best termination procedures
    • Avoiding harassment in the workplace

For a fraction of the cost of having someone on your staff, you can have a highly trained and reliable specialist working with your company and employees, taking care of much needed HR requirements. Additional savings come from our team of HR Consultants helping to keep your company in compliance with regulations that, if they are not met, can mean thousands of dollars in fines or litigation.

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