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Human Resources Consultant

The backbone of your back office

Most small and medium sized companies overlook the importance of having a human resources professional on hand to assist with the day to day issues that arise. They are sometimes thought of as “overhead” that do not contribute to the profitability of the organization and hence, not important to have around. Unfortunately, when a company’s leadership finally realizes the critical function that a human resources specialist performs, it is usually after something bad – and most likely preventable – has already occurred.

Human resources guidance at your fingertips

Our team at Human Resources, Inc. are dedicated and licensed to serve your company in all areas of human resources guidance. We can walk your company through typical compliance issues that could arise in regards to federal and state regulations, in addition to new legislation that has been passed recently. We are always up to date and on top of the news that could affect your business. For example, do you need someone to help your company comply with the Affordable Care Act? Perhaps you need to discuss what kind of paperwork is required of a new employee or what types of policies and procedures should be included in an employee handbook. Do you need help with interviewing procedures? We can help.

“How do I pay my employees? I want to offer them health coverage.”

Compensation and benefits are another very important aspect of what an HR consultant can address to help your business. Many new businesses have trouble knowing where to begin when it comes to their own company’s payroll – how to do it, when to do it, how to add employees, where and when to file payroll taxes, and more. Maybe your company is going to start offering a healthcare or retirement plan and you need human resources help to put together the right package for your employees. We can make sure that happens.

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