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New Hire Reporting

State-mandated requirements for new employees

While some states only require government agencies or union organizations to formally report new hires to the government, many states like Florida and Georgia require that all businesses register new employees, re-hires, and temporary workers to their central database. No one is exempt from this law. For the most part, this was put in place to track state unemployment and follow employees that have court ordered liens and garnishments against their future wages. Human Resources, Inc. can take the necessary steps to make sure all new employees are registered with the state.

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On-boarding process

In addition to local and regional requirements, such as Florida New Hire Reporting, Human Resources, Inc. can also implement a federal and state compliant on-boarding process for your business. This not only includes all of the forms and legal hurdles that companies have to navigate, but also an employment law component that will train your supervisors in proper interviewing guidelines. Knowing what one is legally allowed and not allowed to ask in a job interview could prevent an unwanted lawsuit from your candidate. It’s also important to learn how to properly document an interview and what processes should be in place for on-boarding of new hires.

Did you know?

  • Questions about personal debt, place of birth, living situation, health, willingness to work overtime, and even where one vacations are potentially illegal. There are many, many more examples like this.
  • Millions of dollars have been awarded to interviewees who felt discriminated against
  • The notes you write on a candidate’s resume can be subpoenaed in court
  • Failure to properly document a new hire can result in state and federal penalties

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