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On-Boarding Management

Implementing human resources best practices

How Important is Hiring the Right Employee? Find Out How Much Unemployment Claims Can Cost Your Company

Navigating the minefield of legal challenges that apply to hiring new employees and terminating them is a task that many small businesses are ill-equipped to handle. Either they are unaware of the requirements or they do not have anyone on staff that is knowledgeable in those matters. Being compliant with the law starts the moment you craft a job description and doesn’t end until long after an employee has departed from your company. Human Resources, Inc. specializes in educating our clients on employment and termination processes that can protect your business and improve the talent base of your personnel.

On-boarding management and employee retention

One of the most critical choices a business can make is deciding which candidate to hire. This person will become a component in your company’s success. Who do you hire, how do you go about it properly, and how do you keep them once you have hired them? We can make this process much easier by educating you on appropriate:

  • Recruiting strategies
  • Interviewing techniques and rules
  • Offer letters and employee contracts
  • Confidentiality clauses
  • Commission tiers
  • Benefits and equity arrangements

Avoiding litigation and preventing unemployment claims

Without insight from an employment law specialist, firing or laying off an employee could result in your company facing expensive unemployment claims or even legal charges. Prevent actionable mistakes by having us educate you on:

  • Separation agreements
  • Severance packages
  • Department of Labor final payment guidance
  • Group downsizing
  • Applicable discriminatory issues under Title 7
  • Exit interviews

Human Resources, Inc. can help you employ the best strategies

Regardless of your company’s size, as an employer you are subject to many of the same laws as companies with thousands of employees. As a PEO, Human Resources, Inc. has a dedicated team of professionals that can help you navigate numerous compliance issues. We can help ensure that you are bringing in the best people possible while terminating others in a manner that minimizes potential litigation down the road.

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