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Payroll Administration Services

At Human Resources Inc. we do not simply perform payroll. We completely administer the payroll process from beginning to end in addition to having the knowledge of all the applicable laws that govern compensation ensuring that your payroll and related taxes are accurate and filed timely.

Payroll Tax Administration

Payroll Administration Tax Administration

Regulations regarding timely filing of payroll taxes are continually changing. We ensure that all federal, state, and local tax filings are taken care of, such as 940, 941, SUI, FUTA, Social Security & Medicare, State Withholdings, Form 1096, and W2. Our payroll experts may also assist you with government programs that relieve certain tax burdens from small businesses like yours.

Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll Administration Outsourcing

Human Resources, Inc. performs the services of a payroll manager, payroll administrator, and payroll tax specialist all for less than the cost of a full-time employee.

Payroll Pay Cards

Payroll Administration Payroll Pay Cards

The net pay from an employee’s paycheck can be automatically funded to an ATM card. They reduce the risk of check fraud and the funds are available on pay day without taking a trip to the bank.

Overtime Pay Requirements

Payroll Administration Overtime Pay Requirements

Do you know which of your employees are exempt and which are non-exempt? We understand the FLSA laws that regulate overtime pay requirements. Reduce the risk of wage lawsuits by having someone on your side from Human Resources, Inc.

Payroll Time Clocks

Payroll Administration Payroll Time Clock

Automated time keeping systems can decrease labor costs and increase accountability. They can be wired to work through the internet so that supervisors can monitor punch-ins and punch-outs from their own computer.

New Hire Reporting

Payroll Administration New Hire Reporting

Many states, including Florida and Georgia, require that all businesses register new hires, re-hires, and temporary employees to their central database. We can implement a state-compliant on-boarding process for your company.

Garnishments & Liens Administration

Payroll Administration Garnishments and Liens

Your business may be ordered by a State or Federal Court to take deductions from your employee’s wages to pay for debts such as back taxes or child support. Our payroll specialists can execute garnishments, levies, and liens and pay the appropriate parties through the correct legal channels.

Assistance with e-Verify

Payroll Administration I-9 E-verify

The information on your employee’s I-9 Form must match data records from the Federal Government. Companies in nearly every state are required to run verifications of employment eligibility online when hiring a new employee.

W2 Distribution

Payroll Administration W2 Administration

By law, an employee’s annual W2 needs to be calculated, internally audited, printed, and mailed before January 31st of each year. Sending them out late can result in financial penalties. We will ensure that all W2s are accurate and delivered on time.

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