Prefunded debit cards for employees without bank accounts

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Direct deposit services for employees that normally receive live checks

We are proud to announce our partnership with Global Cash Card allowing us to provide ATM cards that are automatically prefunded by your payroll. This greatly reduces the amount of paperwork that goes into a normal payroll cycle for employees that may not have bank accounts and direct deposit.

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Global Cash Card Features and Benefits for Your Employees:

  • Can be used like a debit card for purchasing
  • Every card is FDIC insured
  • If the card is stolen or lost, your employee’s money is safe
  • PIN protected
  • Instant access and free bilingual customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days per week
  • Everyone is pre-qualified and no credit check is required – only valid identification
  • The first transaction per pay period is free of ATM charges
  • No annual or monthly fee (for active cards)

How the Global Cash Card can save your company time and money:

  • Processing live paychecks and deposit vouchers requires hours of administrative time.
  • If you’re outsourcing, you can reduce the cost of overnighting paychecks to your location.
  • Pre-paid payroll cards can also reduce the instances of check fraud and liability of the employer.
  • Reduce month-end reconciliation labor
  • Reduced paper waste and printing expenses

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