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Time Clocks

You can now have salaried and hourly employee time and attendance data fed directly into your payroll system from your punch clocks.

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Card Reader and Keypad Access BioMetric Reader and Keypad Access Browser Based time Clock
Communicating through the telephone line or over the internet, this automated system is a very simple solution to a labor-intensive administrative task that can involve anywhere from 1 to 1000 employees. The amount of time required to process hundreds of time cards, verifying totals, calculating any overtime expense requires a lot of manual entry and prone to mistakes. Integrated time clock systems are meant to end this practice.

Multiple locations

Even if your clocks are located at more than one site, a secure ‘plug and play’ system can be easily integrated with your current business setup. Each payroll time clock is connected to a central network server, which allows mobile employees to punch in at one clock in the morning and punch out at an entirely different location in the evening.


Online employee time clock systems allow greater real time analysis and monitoring from any web-enabled computer or smart phone. At any time, you can run payroll or time reports and download them directly into your existing payroll system. What’s more, not only is the high security encryption ensuring that your payroll data is kept safe and secure, but historical data can be accessed with only a few clicks.


Payroll time clocks come in various models with numerous capabilities. With wireless or Ethernet connectivity, they can come equipped with swipe or proximity card readers, individual PIN entry keypads, or biometric (fingerprint) scanners. Additionally, some systems can be customized so that employees can clock in over the phone using their voices and social security numbers.

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