Preventing unnecessary unemployment claims and litigation.

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Employment Termination Process

Human Resources, Inc. can consult with or train managers

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Avoiding Litigation

For many small companies, a well-documented employment termination process could mean the difference between a smooth transition and expensive court appearances or settlements. Unless you already have in-house counsel that has an employment law specialty, nearly all businesses should consult outside experts to ensure compliance, particularly when addressing something as touchy as employees leaving your company. Merely making everyone ‘at-will’ isn’t enough. Most employees take being let go negatively and even baseless claims will see their day in court, regardless of their validity.

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Human Resources, Inc. offers consultation regarding an employee’s termination on items such as:

  • Employment / Offer letters
  • Non-compete / Non-solicitation
  • Confidentiality
  • Commission
  • Benefit arrangements / Equity
  • Separation / Severance

Conducting Exit Interviews, Firings, and Group Downsizing

What you say when letting someone go is just as important as what you have on paper, such as in a separation agreement. The actions of a manager and how they conduct themselves in a situation where someone is being let go matter. Saying the wrong thing can get you sued. Human Resources, Inc. will work with your company to train supervisors in proper termination processes.

Preventing unemployment claims

It is equally important to document and make very clear the reason for the termination, such as disciplinary records or unlawful conduct. Not having proper documentation leading up to someone getting fired, such as negative performance or evidence for precedence could result in false unemployment claims. Human Resources, Inc. can orchestrate unemployment claims consultations to instill a better understanding of current laws and how to get claims removed from your record. The more unemployment claims you have the higher your unemployment tax rate will become.

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