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Tracking Employee Hours

Take Control of Payroll Expenses

In today’s competitive business environment, effectively managing your business’ resources is vital to success. Expenses can fluctuate in many areas of a business, but payroll expenses have traditionally been some of the most difficult to control. At Human Resources Inc., we can help you understand the variety of ways tracking employee hours can save your company money and improve productivity, all while making the process easy to manage.

The Cost of Untracked Employee Hours

Employees improperly recording the hours they have worked is one area that can dramatically affect your company’s bottom line. In fact, employees who regularly report their time differently from what they actually worked, even by a few minutes each day, can cost your company thousands of dollars over time. The cost of overtime when hours are reported higher than actually worked can add up even more quickly. Also, non-productive minutes from abuse of breaks and lunch hours, as well as employees recording time for others, can be major burdens on your company’s payroll.

Control Labor Expenses by Tracking Employee Hours

Tracking employee hours with a time clock is an effective solution to the various problems your company can face attempting to control payroll expenses. Tracking employee time to the minute allows for an accurate reflection of time worked which can lower labor costs and raise productivity. On-demand reports can expose wasted time and help you more closely track your labor costs by the job, department or location. At Human Resources Inc., we have a multitude of solutions for tracking employee hours. Whether your labor force is captive, mobile or virtual, we have a solution that will allow you to easily track, edit and manage your labor expenses.

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