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Human Resources, Inc. will manage your claims

Injuries in the workplace are a serious matter. In most cases, an employee will receive benefits regardless of who was at fault. A common mistake is to only deal with claims after they happen. Our team of specialists approach worker compensation management in a different way. First, we try to address any issues before they happen.

We Will Be Your Workers Compensation Advocate

Human Resources, Inc. maintains a multi-state workers compensation master plan with an A-rated carrier. If someone at your company is injured on the job or gets sick because of workplace conditions, we will manage the entire Workers Compensation process from the time of the incident to their return to work.

  • Coordinating directly with your employees and their physicians
  • Ensuring all paperwork is completed correctly
  • Investigating the incident
  • Transitioning injured employees back to work safely and in a timely manner

Return-to-Work Programs

Human Resources, Inc. can design a return to work program that best suits your company and helps to avoid the many common mistakes that are made. Most employers find that this practice saves them money and helps to maintain a stable workforce.

Audit Protections

We will act on your behalf in the event of an audit. Incidents that fall under Workers Compensation may trigger an audit by a carrier. However, if you choose to be on our master plan, the auditor works with us so you don’t have to.

Ask the experts at Human Resources, Inc. if Workers Compensation management is right for you.

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